Welcome to all things Cree Rider (updated 11/11/15)

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Hi folks, and by folks I mean friends, family, fans, bookers, agents, stalkers, and collections agencies!

This is the page for all things Cree Rider. On this page you will find all of my gig dates (anywhere I might be playing and with any band I might be playing with), all of my recordings with various projects, and all other info you may need about those projects and gigs etc etc….

It is a work in progress. I have quite a few different projects, and we are still working on the best way to present all of this information to you. Here is the basic rundown to the bands you can see me perform with in St. Louis, and also around the country:

Cree Rider Family Band: modern day honkey tonk. This is our flagship band that we plan on riding all the way up to the big rock candy mountains, where we will drink all of the whiskey from the streams, and where we will hang the jerk who invented work. Variants on this band include: Cree Rider Acoustic Family and Cree Rider Family Duo.

ARR!!!: This is a freaky folk group of wanna-be pirates and outlaws, who are actually just good friends and hard working musicians. Adam Andrews and Bryan Ranney are in the group with me, as well as anyone else we can rope into the next gig.

These are the main attractions, at least for now. So you might see posts about solo gigs, Duo gigs, ARR!!! gigs, Acoustic Family gigs or Family Band gigs. It can all be oh so confusing and overwhelming!

But hey, that’s what this is about. Me, Cree, my musical life, and the many creative outlets I have to present my music to you. And I hope you can join me and my bandmates on this ride some time. We promise to wear our hearts on our sleeves, to play the music as we believe it is meant to be played, and to give you a piece of ourselves in the process. We want to, in however small a way we can, help enrich your life, help expand your mind and horizons, and to be a part of the soundtrack of your life. It’s no small task, and we take our jobs seriously.

So, I hope you are aboard this trip with us. Feel free to reach out to me at creerider@gmail.com about anything (especially booking, promo, and web help).

Please check this website as often as you like for info about upcoming shows and releases.


Cree Rider